Ruturaj Gaikwad: Visiting the Asian Games village was a matter of great pride

The Indian cricket team visits the Asian Games village in Hangzhou. Ruturaj Gaikwd said “his unexpected trip gave us a chance to see something different and understand what it means to represent India on a global level”.

But this visit to the Asian Games village was a special experience for India’s cricket captain, Ruturaj Gaikwad. He shared that meeting athletes from different sports made them realize the importance of representing their country.

It was a moment of reflection for the team, a chance to step back from their usual routines and appreciate the bigger picture.

Gaikwad’s words beautifully captured how this encounter with athletes from various disciplines gave them a deeper understanding of what it means to be an ambassador for India.

“In cricket, we have the World Cup, the IPL, and domestic tournaments. We are used to that kind of environment and situations. But coming here and going to the village, we really got to know about the athletes — what kinds of struggle they go through,” Gaikwad reflected.

Pride in Representing the Nation

It’s not every day that athletes from different sports unite under the banner of their nation. Gaikwad shared how they cherished the opportunity to witness their fellow countrymen and women compete in diverse sports like badminton, tennis, and even hockey.

The Asian Games, Gaikwad emphasized, are a significant opportunity and a source of immense pride for all the participating players. The aspiration to clinch the gold medal for their country burns brightly within them.

“Coming to the Asian Games, everyone is eager to win the gold for the country and stand up on the podium,” he declared.

Adapting to Different Grounds

As cricket enthusiasts are aware, playing conditions can vary dramatically. Gaikwad brushed aside concerns about the ground dimensions at Hangzhou, highlighting that cricketers have faced diverse playing environments throughout their careers.

“Everyone, throughout their careers, be it domestic or anything (else), has gone through such dimensions on the cricket ground, and I think they are all used to it,” he reassured.

Heartwarming Gestures from Volunteers

In addition to the sporting spectacle, the Indian cricket team also experienced the warmth and appreciation of the volunteers at the Asian Games village. Despite the athletes’ modesty, they found themselves being approached for autographs.

“A really cute gesture from them because I don’t think they really know us or know about our career personally.

Just knowing that you are something big in your country, and they just come and ask for autographs for whatever it is. It has been a beautiful experience throughout the time we have been here,” Gaikwad graciously acknowledged.

In conclusion, the Indian cricket team’s visit to the Asian Games village served as a profound journey of discovery.

It offered them a glimpse into the sacrifices, dedication, and passion that athletes from various disciplines pour into representing India on the international stage.

This unique experience has undoubtedly added an extra layer of motivation and pride as they continue their quest for excellence in cricket, cherishing the spirit of representing their beloved nation.