About Us

About The Esports India

The Esports India was started in the year 2020 as a result of lockdown imposed around the world due to the unprecedented misfortune of Covid-19. Work from home meant more time to dedicate to our passion that is esports and gaming. The Esports India provides you with the latest esports news from around the world as well as blogs, articles and content regarding esports. The people behind The Esports India have been a fan of esports since early 2011 and time is finally right to start off our formal venture into our beloved esports industry not only as a fan but also as a professional.

We share the goal of normalizing gaming and esports culture in India and bridge the gap between western esports and Indian esports ecosystem.

To do this we need to spread awareness to both entities about each other after all esports and gaming are best enjoyed when it is shared. We intend to achieve this by starting off with arguably the 3 biggest esports titles in the world namely League of Legends Esports, Dota 2 Esports and CS GO Esports. To create awareness and provide a pillar around which the foundations of international esports tournament fanbase of Indian Gamers can be established and form a community where all of us can passionately experience the world of esports to its fullest! Imagine if the growing Indian gaming population had an outlet and inlet to information and information exchange regarding major esports tournaments and events, the worldwide contribution to these games can increase exponentially due to the 300m estimated gamers in India who seek a platform to share this beautiful journey.

Lastly, we hope to one day break the stigma of gaming and esports in India, to normalise streaming culture and provide support and promote working in the esports industry be it as a pro player, on-air talent, broadcast professional or like us, esports and gaming journalists as a profession.

We would love for you to join us on this mission to contribute and revolutionise gaming and esports in India and around the world!