This is the Reason Why Honey Singh Left Singing

Honey Singh diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013. This is the reason why honey singh leave singing. Take a look at that what is bipolar disorder in detail.

What is Bipolar Disorder? What are the Losses Due to This?

People with this disorder experience sudden mood changes and sudden loss of body energy. Can’t focus properly on any subject. After Honey Singh got this disorder, his condition changed drastically. He used to spend many days alone in his room without meeting anyone.

Apart from that, he who once performed in front of several thousand people, now he could not speak in front of four people.

Types of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar I Disorder

Bipolar I disorder takes the top spot on the intensity scale. It’s defined by manic episodes and major depressive episodes. Mania brings a surge of energy, reduced need for sleep, grandiosity, racing thoughts, and sometimes, reckless behavior.

On the flip side, major depressive episodes bring sadness, loss of interest in activities, appetite and sleep changes, and even thoughts of death.

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II disorder is like a slightly toned-down version. It’s marked by hypomanic episodes and major depressive episodes. Hypomania resembles mania but is less severe and shorter-lasting.

Cyclothymic Disorder

Cyclothymic disorder is the mildest form of bipolar disorder. It’s characterized by chronic hypomanic and depressive symptoms, like a perpetual mood swing.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is not a fleeting visitor; it’s a lifelong companion. However, it doesn’t have to be an unwelcome one. Medication and therapy are powerful ways to control the overall situation. While there’s no cure, but these treatments can help the people their life in comfortable way.

Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder does not necessarily have a single cause. The main causes are due to genetic problems, or if someone in their family has this problem before, or people with high stress and bad habits.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder doesn’t wear the same mask for everyone. Symptoms can vary and evolve over time, but some common signs include:

Mood Swings: Picture a pendulum swinging from extreme happiness to profound sadness—that’s bipolar disorder.

Energy Levels: Imagine having days filled with boundless energy, followed by days where even getting out of bed feels like an Olympic feat.

Activity Levels: Social butterfly during mania, recluse during depression; your activity levels mirror your mood.

Concentration Challenges

During mania, your thoughts sprint like Usain Bolt, making it tough to focus. Depression brings a fog that blurs your concentration.

How Bipolar Disorder Effect Honey Singh Life

Honey Singh, suffered this disorder in 2016. During the period of his he faced illness, psychotic issues and lost control over his mind. He revealed that he was not in rehab for the last 18 months, even he was afraid to face his family due to this problem. He is now cured and on medication.

According to a news article by Hindustan Times, Honey Singh revealed that he faced the darkest period of his life in the last 18 months.

He changed four doctors during this period, and the medication wasn’t working. He cut himself off from everyone and didn’t come out of his room for months.

For someone who has performed in front of a crowd of 20,000, he was scared of facing 4-5 people. That’s what bipolar disorder does to you