Thea Hail: NXT’s Rising Star, Biography, Age, Boy Friend

Thea Hail, once known as Nikita Knight, is a rising star in NXT. She’s a skilled wrestler with a unique personality and a bright future.

In 2021, Hail debuted in WWE and quickly became a top prospect. Fans love her athleticism, technical skills, and crowd connection.

Recently, she teamed up with Jacy Jayne as the Toxic Attraction tag team, dominating NXT and winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship twice.

Thea Hail NXT Biography, Age, Boy Friend

Hail is also competing for the NXT Women’s Championship, coming close to victory against champion Roxanne Perez.

She’s a rising star in NXT, destined for greatness in WWE’s women’s division.

What makes Thea Hail special:

  • Skilled wrestler with diverse moves.
  • Strong stage presence and crowd connection.
  • Charismatic with a unique personality.
  • Young and room to grow.

Thea Hail’s future looks bright. She’s one of NXT’s most exciting young talents, sure to be a major player in WWE’s women’s division for years.

Thea Hail Biography

Early Life

Born Maddie Knisley on September 9, 2003, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Thea is Rick Steiner’s daughter. She started wrestling training at a young age and debuted in 2019 as Nikita Knight.

NXT Career

In 2021, she joined WWE and debuted in April 2022 as Thea Hail. Fans love her skills and charisma. In 2023, she’s a top contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.


Thea is dating WWE wrestler Chase U. They met at the WWE Performance Center and have been together for over a year.


Thea Hail is a rising NXT superstar, a talented wrestler with a bright future. She’s also a role model for young women and destined for WWE stardom.