How to Pair Your Onn Android TV Remote: Quick Fixes and Pro Tips!

Are you facing issues with your ONN streaming box or stick’s remote control? Are the frequent disconnects driving you nuts? Just follow this steps to fix your onn android tv remote back to work.

How to Pair Onn Android TV Remote

How to Pair ONN Android TV Remote (Guide)

Now, let’s tackle those pesky remote issues head-on. You’ll need your ONN streaming box or stick and, naturally, the remote itself. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves, so let’s get started!

Trick #1: Battery Check

  • If your remote isn’t connecting, start with the basics. Open the back of your remote and remove the batteries.
  • Replace them with fresh ones, or simply let them sit out for about 20 seconds. Sometimes, a brief hiatus can work wonders.
  • Reinsert the batteries in to remote and check the remote to see if it reconnects. Often, it’s as simple as that!
How to Pair Onn Android TV Remote 1

Trick #2: Manual Unpair and Repair

  • If the battery swap didn’t do the trick, it’s time for a manual unpair and repair.
  • Head over to your TV’s settings tab, and then navigate to the “Remote and Accessory” section.
  • If your remote is still connected somehow, you can add a different accessory right from this menu. It’s incredibly convenient!

If your remote remains not connecting to your tv, you’ll have to manually unpair it, which will prompt a pairing screen. Here’s how:

  • On your ONN box, there’s a small button on the side. Hold it down for roughly 5-10 seconds until the pairing mode screen pops up.
  • On the ONN stick, you’ll find a tiny hole. Insert a pin, and it will trigger the pairing mode screen.
  • Hold down the “Back” and “Home” buttons on your remote simultaneously for about four seconds. You’ll notice it transition from “Connecting” to “Connected.” That’s your signal that it’s working!

And there you have it, your ONN remote is back in action, and it’s a piece of cake!

Don’t Overlook the Backup Option!

If you’re still encountering difficulties entering pairing mode, don’t fret. There’s a backup plan:

  • For the ONN box, look for a physical button on the side. Hold it down for 5-10 seconds to initiate pairing mode.
  • On the ONN stick, locate a small hole and insert a pin. This will trigger the pairing mode screen.
  • Once that screen pop up, follow the same steps as mentioned above—hold down “Back” and “Home” on your remote, and you’re good to go!


Troubleshooting your ONN Android TV remote is a breeze when you have these handy tricks up your sleeve. Whether it’s swapping out batteries or performing a manual unpair-repair, you can keep your remote in tip-top shape with minimal effort.