Blazers Trade Lillard to Bucks

Damian Lillard moves to Bucks in a 3-team deal.

Bucks Become Favorites

Bucks now Eastern Conference favorites.

Blazers Get Strong Return

Blazers acquire Holiday, Ayton, and draft picks.

Holiday Boosts Defense

Jrue Holiday strengthens Blazers' defense.

Lillard Elevates Bucks

Lillard enhances Bucks' offense and title hopes.

Suns Rebuild with Young Talent

Suns acquire Nurkic, Allen, Little, and Johnson.

Nurkic Bolsters Suns

Jusuf Nurkic provides strength at center for Suns.

Suns Eye Future Contributors

Allen, Little, and Johnson are young talents.

Reshaping the NBA Landscape

Trade reshapes the landscape for all three teams.

East Favorites, Rebuild, and NBA Finals

Bucks as favorites, Blazers rebuilding, Suns eye NBA Finals.