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LoL Worlds 2020

Mad Lions Qualify For LoL Worlds 2020

Mad Lions end Schalke Esports’ miracle run and qualify to the League of Legends World Championship 2020. A few weeks ago Schalke 04 Esports (S04 Esports) needed to win 7 games in a row to just qualify for the LEC 2020 Summer Playoffs. Schalke was in dire straits since the start of the summer split but with Gilius subbing in, Schalke changed overnight and started beating the top teams. People did not really expect those wins to be anything other than an unusual upset. But Schalke kept winning and with 7 straight wins managed to qualify ahead of Excel Esports, Misfits Gaming, Origen and Team Vitality after the last matchday drama saw Schalke beat Mad Lions as Excel were not able to overcome G2 Esports and failed to qualify for the playoff. Fast forward, Schalke 3-0 SK Gaming in the lower bracket of LEC playoffs and were one step away from qualifying, alas the miracle run was not to be and they fall to Mad Lions who qualify for Worlds 2020 after having an incredible regular season for a team mainly made up of rookies!

Here’s a summary of how Mad Lions overcame Schalke to qualify for this year’s LoL Esports World Championship 2020 that starts September 25th.

Game 1

Schalke seemed unstoppable as they continued to rack up kills and secure objectives very reminiscent to the games during their win-streak. Winning skirmishes in the mid-lane allowed Schalke to gain map control after taking the mid turret, this translated into objectives such as the Rift Herald and stacking the elemental Drakes. A crucial fight in the bottom river broke the deadlock and swung the match in favour of Schalke as they garnered consecutive kills to make the kills 16-9 in favour. After Baron power play they secure the Cloud Soul after a failed flank by Shadow on Sett and also end the game on the back of Neon’s Ashe wiping the entire team of Mad Lions.  

Game 2

Mad Lions with a bold blue side first pick Akali started the early game strong racking up 3 kills on the Akali played by Humanoid in the mid-lane. With this Mad Lions continued to snowball the game by securing the Infernal Drake Soul and the Baron Nashor after Schalke failed to win a team fight in the top lane. Mad Lions quickly ended the game as they sieged with Baron and Infernal Soul to tie up the series 1-1.

Score: Mad Lions 1-1 Schalke 04 Esports

Game 3

Schalke looking to bounce back from their first loss in 12 games hand Abbedagge a.k.a Fakerdagge or Abbefaker as coined by fans due to him being a vital part of Schalke’s miracle run. Schalke hoping to scale with late game scaling champions like Azir and Senna managed to hold on despite Gilius’s Lee Sin falling short of his expectations. Mad Lions however accumulated a 2k gold lead at 10 minutes and took the first Mountain Drake as well as the second drake which was an Ocean Drake along with 2 kills picked up by Carzzy on Ashe. Mad Lions were looking comfortable in the midgame until they forced a fight and got punished, moments later Schalke blundered to give Mad Lions access to Baron which was taken by Mad and they also push forward to take the bot lane inhibitor. After a chaotic fight around the Cloud Drake, Mad Lions take game 3 in a closely contested match!

Score: Mad Lions 2-1 Schalke 04 Esports

Game 4

Schalke desperate to keep their hopes alive revert back to a team comp similar to game 1. Despite that, with many scrappy fights all over the map, Mad Lions picked up small wins with the help of Shadow’s Lillia helping secure kills on the bot side. Schalke immediately responds by diving Orome’s Camille under the red side bot turret which also resulted in a kill for Odoammne’s Kennen as Humanoid almost escaped successfully. The game is extremely proactive with another fight kicking off in the mid-lane as Schalke look to use the Rift Herald in the mid-lane, Shadow with a beautiful Lillia ultimate on Abbedagge and Neon kicked off a fight that resulted in a win for Mad initially but they overextend trying to secure the drake and get punished by Schalke as Kennen teleports behind to clean up Mad Lions. It didn’t end there as 3 members of Schalke was caught by Lillia’s ultimate and Mad Lions cleaned up the following team fight and also secured the Baron at just 20 minutes. This game averaged a kill a minute by 20 minutes into the game and was filled with constant team fights and trading kills back to back. Schalke barely managing to hold on but holding on nonetheless were desperately hanging on and looking for an opening to mount their comeback while being on Soul point which would be a huge lifeline if they secured it but Mad Lions catch Neon out of position and a fight ensued trying to save Neon which was salvaged by Abbedagge as he picked up 2 kills but it was not to be and Mad Lions wipe out Schalke 04 Esports in a final fight in the mid-lane and break the hearts of many as they make it to Worlds 2020. it ends with elation for Mad Lions as their counterparts are left heartbroken.

Score: Mad Lions 3-1 Schalke 04 Esports.

Congrats to Mad Lions and heartfelt commiserations to Schalke for making it so far and for putting up one hell of a spectacle! GGs!

The final 4 teams locked for LoL Worlds 2020 from LEC in no particular order are:

G2 Esports



Mad Lions

More games yet to be played in League of Legends LEC playoffs as G2 Esports take on Fnatic on 29th of August.

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