C9 vs FLY LCS Playoff Round 2

Cloud9 Vs FlyQuest LCS Playoff Match Report

Cloud9 take on FlyQuest in the North American League of Legends LCS Summer Split Playoff Round 2. All game updates, summary and report will be featured here.

Game 1

Game 1 Draft:

FlyQuest with a bold early invade into C9’s jungle managed to catch Blabber twice. After which, Blabber on the Nocturne failed to catch up to FlyQuest’s Santorin on the Lilia. FlyQuest then maintained the lead throughout the game and close it off to win the first game of the best of 5.

FlyQuest 1-0 Cloud9.

Game 2

Game 2 Draft:

Game to was a close match as both the teams traded kills back and forth until a fight at the drake resulted in C9 being wiped and FlyQuest secure the Baron. In the ensuing fight over the drake, Cloud9 turn the tide and engage on FlyQuest to secure an ace and nullify FLY’s Baron powerplay. C9 then push and manage to bring down an inhibitor turret and would soon punish FlyQuest from overextending and end the game to tie it all up.

Cloud9 1-1 FlyQuest.

Game 3

Game 3 Draft

Game 3 saw C9 maintain a constant 2k gold difference throughout most of the game but had many mistakes like Nisqy on Zoe being caught out by Power of Evil’s Azir before a drake fight and soon after Sven is also caught out around the same area as he face checked into a bush with Solo on the Shen catching him off guard with the Shen taunt. This time FlyQuest get the drake and Mountain soul and soon would close out the game after a long pause due to mouse issues and having to chronobreak the game to a certain point. It made no difference as FlyQuest soon take the inhibitor and lead 2-1 in the series.

FlyQuest 2-1 Cloud9

Game 4

Game 4 Draft

Game 4 started off with first blood to C9 and similar to game 3, they maintained a constant 2k gold lead. But FlyQuest were decisive around the Drake objectives and secured many kills in the mid-game to capture the Soul and the Baron. Although C9 traded few kills, Blabber’s critical mistake of following Ignar into the enemy team cost him his life and his team the Elder Dragon as there was no jungler to contest the smite. This Elder Dragon fight started off with Santorin on the Volibear catching and stunning Sven’s Ezreal which later ended up with Blabber as a casualty. FlyQuest then marched down the mid-lane to secure a spot at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship to be held in China as Cloud9 move on to the loser’s bracket and are still needing a couple of wins to secure their spot at Worlds.

Final Score: FlyQuest 3-1 Cloud9

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