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Afreeca Freecs Vs T1-LCK Regional Finals

Afreeca Freecs Beat KT Rolster and will face T1 in Round 2 Afreeca Freecs beat KT Rolster in 2020 LCK Regional Finals Round 1 and set up a rematch with T1. Afreeca Freecs easily demolished KT in a quick 3-0 sweep. T1 lost to Afreeca Freecs in the LCK Summer Playoffs Wild Card round which meant T1’s only way of qualification to League of Legends Worlds 2020 was by making the run through Regional Finals, […]

T1 beat KT Rolster as T1 Clozer Debuts!

Thats right, The Unkillable Demon King and widely regarded as the best player ever to play League of Legends also known as Lee “Faker” SangHyeok was benched during LCK Summer Split 2020 match against rivals KT Rolster by a promising mid-laner called T1 Clozer seen as the successor of Faker. Clozer won the Player of Game award on his debut as he picked Zoe against KT Kuro’s Orianna. T1 Esports swept KT Rolster in 2 […]