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Fau-G 2021 Review: Is Fau-G Really Good?

What Is Fau-G?

After a long wait, nCore Games finally released FAU-G, a story mode game teased as the PUBG Mobile alternative. Fearless And United: Guards also known as FAUG has garnered a ton of hype and released on the Republic Day of India. Game is currently on early access for a larger numbers of the players who can play the game and give feedback.  I played the FAUG game on the Android device, game offers three modes: Campaign, Team Deathmatch (TDM), and Free for All where currently Campaign mode is available for play rest of 2 modes will be available soon for play.


Is Fau-G Good?

Game comes with medium graphics setting as default, you can change it accordingly. Graphics are different from the trailer which was released earlier with bad graphics, Graphics of game is based on realistic attributes but are not as good as Call of Duty: Mobile or Pubg, but having said that it is still good enough for a mobile game in early access.

As we know that game is currently available for early access, the game has a lot of mechanical bugs such as, if character is inside a tent they are still able to hit the players on the outside. These bugs should be fixed before the stable version releases.

The Game has a Sikh army officer as the lead character who has to search and release his crew from the Chinese Army. As this is a story mode game so it starts with easy level of difficulty which will increase as you pass the checkpoints. The game is very difficult to finish because as you pass the levels it becomes more difficult and there is no option to toggle the difficulty. There should be a level of difficulty switch option so that casual players can switch according to their preference.


Players can restore their health by sitting down near a bonfire which is placed in every single camp of the enemy. Developers should add the health packs to be carried by players because it’s not possible everytime to sit near a bonfire during the fights. As they take loads of damage during the fight, the players can use it to boost their health quickly.


Currently game has only had to hand combat weapons and main focus of game is hand to hand combat with enemies. As the Developers made this game as PG- rated, so the game did not have blood, while hitting the AI bots it shows only amount of damage in form of numbers. You need to hit the enemy untill he dies because there is no health bar where you can find how much health is left of the enemy. As for the children the bodies of enemy disappear from the field.

The game has in game store for the skins and items from where company will be making money but the prices are high as the game is still in early access.

Game story based on real incidents and locations, as per agreement formed in 1996 between the China and India border game doesn’t feature any guns and focuses on hand to hand combat. The Developers of the game worked a lot on the dialogues and game’s audio. As like “Apne bhaiyon ko bachana mera farz hai, aur unhe pakadne valon ko maarna, maza!”.

Game doesn’t require a lot of space on the device, where download size is around 500 MB so you don’t need a high end smartphone to play this game. You can somewhat smoothly play on low end devices. It is possible that game will become bigger in size after the launch of Team Deathmatch and Free For All modes.

There is no inventory system in the game which is the bad part because of this you can’t carry more than two weapons at once. You also don’t have a health kit because game didn’t have inventory to place it.

As a story mode game, FAU-G is a decent game but Developers need to work more on fix the bugs and introduced some more functions in game after the initial launch. Fau-g is a game with potential with realistic graphics and locations, you can give it a try although if you are expecting high level gameplay, it is best to wait for official release.

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