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TSM Beat FlyQuest To Win 7th LCS Trophy

TSM Defeat FlyQuest To Win 7th LCS Trophy

After 4 consecutive North American LCS wins by Team Liquid and one of the most dominant LCS Spring Split win by Cloud9, the League of Legends Championship Series saw a new winner in TSM after they defeated FlyQuest in the finals.

After both the teams being doubted at the start of the year, FlyQuest soon shrugged it off with their results on the rift as well as the branding of the company into something bigger than just the game with  TreeQuest and SeaQuest initiatives that contributed to the conservation of nature. FlyQuest also reached the finals of LCS Spring 2020 and were considered a success, meanwhile, TSM looked shaky, yet managed to finish 4th in the LCS Spring Playoffs. And the start of LCS Summer Split would be no different, rife with controversy over acquiring Doublelift who finished 9th with Team Liquid after motivation issues and releasing Kobbe, along with many smaller incidences and accusations of poaching Doublelift due to his connection with Leena, the president of TSM, they lost their first match of the Summer Split and many were quick to jump on them including the controversial MonteCristo and Thorin, two very well known detractors of TSM.

Despite this, as weeks progressed, TSM gradually improved and finished 4th in the regular Summer Split while being on the same number of wins with their LCS Summer Playoffs finalist FlyQuest.

The Summer Playoffs was an arduous journey for TSM as you can see in the Playoffs bracket below, after being crushed by Golden Guardians 3-0 in the upper bracket, TSM had to overcome Dignitas, Golden Guardians again, and finally Cloud9, to just be able to qualify for the 2020 LoL Esports World Championship. TSM had to then defeat Team Liquid in a thriller, being down 1-2, TSM’s Spica chose Jungle Shen famously called as River Shen (you can see this hilarious video explaining River Shen in the first few minutes), Spica and TSM proceeded to win two games in a row with the Zilean piloted by Bjergsen in the 5th game, ensured their victory and moved on to face the awaiting FlyQuest who had also beaten Cloud9 and then Team Liquid in a 5 game series last week in the upper bracket semi-finals.

Game 1

TSM started off the first game with a win as Bjergsen’s Zilean slipped through the ban phase along with Camille for BrokenBlade being too much to handle for FlyQuest.

Game 2

The second game started better for FlyQuest as they managed to pick up first blood and the Rift Herald but immediately after, WildTurtle faced a power outage which stalled the match for a while. Nonetheless, after resumption TSM with some brilliant plays from Biofrost saw themselves pick up 6 kills to 1 and built up a 4k gold lead at 18 minutes which is further exacerbated by a clinical team fight at the 3rd drake by TSM which ensures them an ace and extend their gold lead at just 20 minutes.      

Game 3

TSM continue to bully Solo in the top lane but FlyQuest with a superior team fighting composition with Orianna and Hecarim, repeatedly thwart TSM’s antics to secure their first win and bring the series 2-1 in favour of TSM.

Game 4

FlyQuest drafting a very tanky team played for late game by stacking the drakes and Solo on the Ornn absorbing enormous pressure in the top lane ensured they did not fall behind. And with Wildturtle on Caitlyn picking up kill after kill was soon uncontested at the backline. Spica played a tremendous game on Sett as he denied FlyQuest 2 consecutive Dragon Souls while FlyQuest were on Infernal Soul point. Despite his heroics, FlyQuest were unstoppable and soon closed out the game tie it 2-2 and take it to a game 5 in the finals of LCS.

Game 5

Bjergsen gets his Twisted Fate and runs rampant along with BrokenBlade back on the Camille, purely dominate the game and control the map. Doublelift on the Senna had an incredible laning phase even after getting dived. Soon TSM took all the inhibitors and finally end the game to pic up TSM’s 7th LCS Title and redemption for Doublelift after a rocky start!

Final Score: TSM 3-2 FlyQuest

Congratulations TSM on winning the LCS Summer finals!

TSM will represent North America as the first seed at Worlds 2020!

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