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We will be adding compatibility with Bloglovin, one of the best blogging network out there! Esports and gaming fans can access their favourite esports news and articles among their favourite subscriptions/follows on Bloglovin to normalise integrating gaming and esports news in our daily lives! You can follow us at The Esports India on Bloglovin and receive article and news updates directly in your Bloglovin article feed! Super convenient for ardent readers and users of blog networks. Bloglovin features just about all of the major news outlets like The New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post and more! As our ambition is to one day reach the same level and to represent esports on a world platform, it is only imperative we start acting like one while remaining rooted to our origins.

Do follow us on Bloglovin if you are a user, grateful for all the support nonetheless!


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