PMGC Superweekend 2 Day 2 Overall standings
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PUBG Mobile PMGC Super Weekend 2 Day 2 Overall Standings

The Overall standings of Super Weekend week 2 day 2 are listed below:

  1. FOUR ANGRY MEN – 144 Points
  2. BIGETRON RED ALIENS – 121 Points
  3. SECRET JIN – 97 Points
  4. FUTBOLIST – 91 Points
  5. NOVA ESPORTS – 89 Points
  7. RRQ ATHENA – 78 Points
  8. KONINA POWER – 76 Points
  9. POWER888 KPS – 73 Points
  10. LOOPS ESPORTS – 70 Points
  11. A1 ESPORTS – 61 Points
  12. ALPHA7 ESPORTS – 52 Points
  13. Z3US ESPORTS – 48 Points
  14. BLUE BEES – 44 Points
  15. EXECUTE – 37 Points
  16. GODSENT – 35 Points

Overall standings of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020: League Play

  • 1.            Bigetron RA-299 Points
  • 2.            Four Angry Men-284 Points
  • 3.            RRQ Athena-240 Points
  • 4.            Klas Digital Athletics-223 Points
  • 5.          Secret Jin -212 Points
  • 6.            Loops   Esports-209 Points
  • 7.            Nova Esports-197 Points
  • 8.            KoninaPower-188 Points
  • 9.            POWER888 KPS-175 Points
  • 10.         A7 eSports-174Points
  • 11.         Futbolist-147 Points
  • 12.         BLUE BEES-130 Points
  • 13.         Execute Esports-93 Points
  • 14.         Team Secret-90 Points
  • 15.         Aerowolf LIMAX-87 Points
  • 16.         Abrupt Slayers-69 Points
  • 17.         A1 eSports-61 Points
  • 18.         ZEUS ESPORTS-48 Points
  • 19.         GODSENT-35 Points
  • 20.         DRS GAMING-0 Points
  • 21.         Archer Gaming-0 Points
  • 22.         The Unnamed-0 Points
  • 23.         Natus Vincere-0 Points
  • 24.         Elites United Team-0 Points

Day 2 of Super Weekend week 2 has filled with many awesome plays. We have seen the leading team Bigetron Red Aliens has been wiped out by A1 Esports 3 matches out of 5. Four Angry Men has taken a great lead in the day 2 of PMGC Super Weekend week 2 after a decent SuperWeekend 1.

Match 1 of day 2 has dominated by the Chinese teams where Nova Esports secured the chicken dinner in match with 6 kills. Four Angry Men has shown an awesome performance in the map of Erangel, they secured 11 kills in the match and finished at second position. Loops Esports also secured a good amount of kills but couldn’t make to the top 5 in that match. They finished at sixth position with 7 kills.

In the match number 2 we have seen some awesome fights at the map of Vikendi. Klas Digital Athletics shown a great performance where they have wiped out the whole squad of Konina Power. They secured total 12 kills and finished at fourth position. Bigetron Red Aliens has dominated the battleground in the last 2 circles. They took 4v4 fight with Nova Esports and wiped them but they lost one player in this fight. Luxxy has wiped out 3 players of Alpha7 Esports but due to zone they couldn’t make to chicken dinner. A1 Esports comes up with the their first chicken dinner in the Super Weekend with 3 kills.

As we expected, have  seen a great gameplay in the map of Miramar. Blue Bees started agressive, they have taken good fights and knocks but they got wiped out earlier. Nova Esports has again got wiped out at the time of rotation. Bigetron Red Aliens have secured 9 kills but during rotation they got wiped out at the sixth position. Four Angry Men have shown a extraordinary performance in the map of Miramar. They secured chicken dinner with 17 kills.

In the map of Sanhok, table toper of leaderboard Bigetron Red Aliens got eliminated first by South Asian team ‘A1 ESPORTS’. Four Angry Men again comes up with the chicken dinner in the map of Sanhok. Four Angry Men has secured 10 kills in the match with total 1408 dmg where they also use total heal of 738. Loops Esports has finished at second position with 5 kills. Klas Digital Athletics secured 10 kills in the match and ended at third position.

In the last match RRQ ATHENA came with the chicken dinner with massive kill points where they have secured 19 kills in the map of Erangel. We have again seen Bigetron Red Aliens wiped out by A1 Esports, this was the third time today where A1 Esports wiped out Bigetron Red Aliens. POWER888 KPS finished at second position with 8 kills where Godsent got only 2 kills and ended at third position.

Today we have witnessed the matches of PMGC Super Weekend week 2 day 2 where we have seen some major ups and downs in the leaderboard. The Super Weekend week 2 contains 1 more day which will be held tommorow where 5 matches will be played. You can watch day 3 of PMGC Superweekend week 2 tommorow at 16:00 IST on YouTube, Facebook, NimoTv, and Twitch.

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