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PMGC Superweekend 1 Day 3 Latest Overall Standings

Pubg Mobile PMGC Superweekend 1 Day 3 Overall Standings:

  • BIGETRON RED ALIENS – 178 Points
  • RRQ ATHENA – 162 Points
  • FOUR ANGRY MEN – 140 Points
  • LOOPS ESPORTS – 139 Points  
  • ALPHA7 ESPORTS – 122 Points
  • SECRET JIN – 115 Points
  • KONINA POWER – 112 Points
  • NOVA ESPORTS – 108 Points
  • POWER888 KPS – 102 Points
  • TEAM SECRET – 90 Points
  • AEROWOLF LIMAX – 87 Points
  • BLUE BEES – 86Points
  • ABRUPT SLAYERS – 69 Points
  • EXECUTE – 56 Points
  • FUTBOLIST – 56 Points

PMGC Superweekend 1 Day 3 Summary:

Today we have witnessed day 3 matches of Super Weekend week 1 day 3 of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 which got postponed due to power outage.  Bigetron Red Aliens  leading the leaderboard with 178 points followed by RRQ ATHENA and KLAS DIGITAL ATHELETICS with 162 and 143 points respectively. We have already seen the matches of qualifiers of Super Weekend week 2 where top 16 teams got qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Super Weekend week 2.

Day 3 of Super Weekend started with the map of Erangel where Bigetron Red Aliens emerged as the winner of the match. Bigetron Red Aliens has secured 8 kills in total in the match. We have seen a immense battle between last 5 teams where they all are giving tough competition to each one. There was a point where ‘G9’, last standing player of  RRQ ATHENA has pin down the Bigetron Red Aliens but they managed to survive. Konina Power comes with a great performance where they wipe out whole squad of Loops Esports and finished at second position in the match with 8 kills. Loops Esports finished at fourth position with 7 kills in the first match of day 3.

Second match is secured by SouthEast Asian team. POWER888 KPS has won the second match of day 3 in the map of Vikendi. They secured 10 kills in the match with 2192 total dmg. In second match of day 3, Loops Esports finished at second position with 7 kills where Alpha7 Esports got 3 kills only and ended at third position.

Match 3 started with a great fight in the map of Miramar where Futbolist took early fight with Nova Esports but they back off from the fight. But here comes a twitst they stop on the Klas Digital Athletics compound where we saw a great fight between these transformers of the Western region. Klas Digital Athletics wiped out the whole squad of Futbolist in that fight. Loops Esports got the chicken dinner in the match with 6 kills on the other hand Nova Esports has ended at second position with 8 kills.

Match 4 of day 3 has played in the map of Sanhok where we have seen a extraordinary performance from Potato, player from AEROWOLF LIMAX who knockdown 3 players of RRQ Athena one by one. Bigetron Red Aliens has finished at second position with 4 kills where Alpha7 Esports has secured the chicken dinner with 4 kills.

Last match of day 3 has played on the map of Erangel where BLUE BEES got the chicken dinner with 9 kills. Klas Digital Athletics has secured 7 kills and finished at second position. Bigetron again secured good number of the kills in game and ended at fifth position with 9 kills.

Today we have seen the matches of Superweekend week 1 day 3. The super weekend week 2 of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020  will take place from December 5 to December 7 where 16 teams will play total 15 matches to get league points as much as they can. Natus Vincere, ARCHER GAMING,  TEAM SECRET,  DRS GAMING, ELITES UNITED TEAM, AEROWOLF LIMAX, THE UNNAMED, and ABRUPT SLAYERS couldn’t make to super weekend week 2 of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020.

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