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PMGC 2020 Week 1 Day 1: Overall Standings And Kill Leaders

All PMGC 2020 Overall Standings And Kill Leaders

PMGC 2020 SuperWeekend 2 Day 2Sunday, 6th December
PMGC 2020 Week 2 Day 2Wednesday, 2nd December
PMGC 2020 Week 2 Day 1Tuesday, 1st December
PMGC 2020 Superweekend 1 Day 3Postponed to Friday, 4th December
PMGC 2020 Superweekend 1 Day 2Saturday, 28th November
PMGC 2020 Superweekend 1 Day 1 Friday, 27th November
PUBG Mobile PMGC 2020 Week 1 Day 2 Wenesday, 25th November
PMGC 2020 Week 1 Day 1Tuesday, 24th November
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Teams & ScheduleWednesday, 18th November

The Overall Standings of PMGC 2020 Day 1:

  1. Team Secret – 63 Points
  2. Loops Esports – 60 Points
  3. Futbolist – 58 Points
  4. NOVA XQF – 45 Points
  5. Blue Bees – 44 Points
  6. RRQ Athena – 42 Points
  7. Alpha7 Esports – 39 Points
  8. Natus Vincere – 38 Points
  9. Konina Power – 32 Points
  10. Four Angry Men – 32 Points
  11. EXECUTE – 31 Points
  12. Klas Digital Athletics – 30 Points
  13. Archer Gaming – 29 Points
  14. Aerowolf Limax – 28 Points
  15. Secret Jin – 24 Points
  16. Z3US Esports -23 Points
  17. GODSENT – 20 Points
  18. Bigetron Red Aliens -20 Points
  19. A1  Esports – 13 Points
  20. The Unnamed – 12 Points
  21. Abrupt Slayers – 10 Points
  22. DRS GAMING – 9 Points
  23. Elites United Team  – 6 Points
  24. POWER888 KPS  – 5 Points

Kill Leaders of Day 1

  2. DEVINE – 12 KILLS
  3. ORDER – 11 KILLS
  4. SOLKAY – 10 KILLS
  5.  EARNNY – 10 KILLS
  6. DADIN – 9 KILLS
  8. TIXZY  – 9 KILLS
  9. 33SVAN – 8 KILLS
  10. MEQU – 8 KILLS

Biggest event of PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020, started today where 24 teams are battling for crowned as the champion of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 also known as PMGC 2020 (Check full schedule of PMGC 2020). With the start of this event, PUBG Mobile has announced their plans regarding PUBG Mobile Esports in 2021. PUBG Mobile has announced the roadmap for the 2021 esports which will start with the spring season of  regional PMCO and PMPL, after it will concluded there will be a Invitational event where invited teams will participate.

Later in the Year there will be Fall season of Club Open and Pro League which will ended with an annual event named PUBG Mobile Global Championship. They also announced the prizepool for the annual prizepool for global events which will be $14,000,000 USD ( 1,036,000,000 INR).

This prizepool is only for the global events excluding Japan, Korea, China and Indian Tournaments. If we check out the information we got till date, Japan League has the annual prizepool of $3,000,000 USD and China has $28,000,000 USD annual prizepool for the events. For Korea and India its not announced yet.

Let’s take a look into the day 1 of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020:

Day 1 started in the most played map Erangel where the Nova-XQF has secured the first blood of the event to their bag. The Match 1 has been won by Loops Esports with 11 kills in total this is just the starting there was much more coming to watch. The second match was won by Malaysian team, Team Secret who have secured 11 Kills with a chicken dinner. They didn’t stop here they also managed to get the second chicken dinner back to back which was unbelievable because player of Team Secret was outside of the zone and doing healbattle.

In Blue zone Blue Bees has finished the Futbolist and they are looking for last player to get the chicken dinner but here it comes player of Team Secret killed last standing player of Blue Bees and get the chicken dinner outside of the playzone. In Fourth Match which was Vikendi , Loops Esports again get the chicken dinner with 12 kills.

In fifth match of day 1, some other team take a chicken dinner instead of Loops and Team Secret, Alpha7 Esports has secured the first chicken dinner for them with 11 kills. Last match was taken by the EMEA League team, Natus Vincere who have secured an unpredicted chicken dinner in last match with 13 kills. PMGC has already seen some exciting gameplay and being one of the biggest events, all eyes are set on day 2. Day 2 will be crucial in terms of lead, as Team Secret can gain a sizeable margin from those in second place to put one foot forward to winning. The kill leaderboard is also very close and it is to be seen who will step up for their team and extend their streak at the top of kill leaderboards by the end of day 2. Keep an eye out on The Esports India for more coverage on PMGC.

Day 2 of PMGC 2020 will be held tommorow 25th of November at 16:00 IST, where top 16 teams from day 1 & 2 will proceed to superweekend Week 1 of PMGC 2020.

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