LoL Worlds 2020 Finals Venue Pudong Soccer Stadium
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LoL Worlds 2020 Teams, Schedule, Format

Introduction to LoL Esports Worlds 2020

League of Legends World Championship 2020 will take place from September 25 to October 31. All the stages of 2020 League Of Legends World Championship will be held in Shanghai.

Due to border issue and travel restriction the Vietnamese teams cannot travel to Shanghai to attend the LoL Worlds 2020. Due to this restriction only 22 teams will participate in this year’s LoL Esports World Championship 2020. Worlds is the biggest event of League of Legends esports, it hosted annually and this will be the 10th League of Legends World Championship. Worlds 2020 will only be held in Shanghai, China to reduce travel throughout the tournament and control the show environment under the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the first time Worlds returns to the China since 2017 Bird’s Nest where SSG/Samsung Galaxy shocked the world by beating SKT to end the SKT dynasty and hand Faker his first Worlds loss. While SKT/T1 do not make it this year, other fan favourites such as G2 Esports represent Europe as the first seed after G2 defeated Fnatic in LEC finals.

Riot Games’ CEO Nicolo Laurent said the following in a video message:

” Worlds 2020 will be held only in Shanghai. Due to health and safety of everyone who are involved in this year’s LoL Worlds 2020, all Stages will be played in one place. LoL World Championship 2020 contains all the top teams across regional leagues around the world and the Play-in stage will start on September 25 and conclude on October 31.The Finals will be held at the Pudong Soccer Stadium. It also will host the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. We will return to China in 2021 for the full multi-city World Championship tour, bringing the live sporting experience to fans across the country as originally intended. League of Legends World Championship 2022 will be held in North America.”

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent

Here is a list of all the esports teams participating at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

  • TOP ESPORTS (LPL Summer Winner)
  • JD Gaming (LPL Championship Points)
  • Suning (LPL Regional Finals)
  • G2 Esports (LEC Summer)
  • Fnatic (LEC Summer)
  • Rogue (LEC Summer)
  • DAMWON Gaming (LCK Summer)
  • DRX (LCK Championship Points)
  • Gen.G Esports (LCK Regional Finals)
  • Team SoloMid (LCS Summer)
  • FlyQuest (LCS Summer)
  • Machi Esports (PCS Summer)
  • INTZ (CBLOL Winter)
  • LGD Gaming (LPL Regional Finals)
  • Legacy Esports (OPL Split 2)
  • MAD Lions (LEC Summer)
  • PSG Talon (PCS Summer)
  • Rainbow7 (LLA Closing)
  • SuperMassive eSports (TCL Summer)
  • Team Liquid (LCS Summer)
  • Unicorns Of Love (LCL Summer)
  • V3 Esports (LJL Summer)

It is also to be noted that if local authorities will allow the organizer to proceed with an audience, tickets and safety protocols information will be shared soon.

Worlds 2020 Format

As we know due to few minor changes, the format for this year’s LoL Worlds has changed, the format is as follows:

2020 Play-In Stage Format
  • Korea’s LCK third seed promoted to Worlds Groups due to better international performance compared to North America’s LCS
  • Total 10 Teams
  • Split into 2 Groups of 5 teams each.
  • Single Round Robin format
  • Table toppers from each Play-In group qualifies to Worlds Group Stage
  • 5th placed team of both Play-In groups is eliminated
  • Winner of 3rd vs 4th place of group A moves ahead to face the 2nd place team from the other group B and the other way around
  • Winners of both the games will qualify for LoL Worlds Group Stage
Main Event

Main event is made of 2 stages, first is group stage and then the knockout stage

The winner will have the bragging rights of being the best League of Legends Esports Team of 2020!

Full Schedule and Dates for LoL Worlds 2020:

  • Play-Ins draw will be held on September 15th.
  • Round 1 will be take place from September 25 to September 28, matches will be played Best of 1.
  • Round 2 will be held from September 29th to September 30, where six teams from PLAY-INS from round 1 will play the Best of 5 matches.
  • Group Stage will be held on October 3rd , 6th, 8th & 11th, where four teams from play-in will join the 12 teams from China, South Korea, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. All matches will be played in Best of 1 and every team will be playing in a double round robin format.
  • Playoffs is Scheduled to be take place from October 15th to October 18th, October 24th to October 25th and conclude on October 31st. All Playoffs matches will be played in Best Of 5 format.

As any true League of Legends Esports fans, we are waiting to experience Worlds 2020 with the best virtual fan experiences. From the Elder Dragon in 2018 to last year’s Holonet technology with True Damage, Riot Games will surely try to innovate on the viewer experience and we are incredibly excited for this year’s show and competition and will cover the entire competition!