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LEC Ends NEOM Partnership Amid Pushback

The European League of Legends esports league known as the LEC announced their partnership with a Saudi Arabia state sponsored project known as NEOM on the 29th of July 2020. This evoked strong responses from the LEC broadcast team who were only informed about it prior to official announcement. The many people that were vehemently against it consisted of Froskuurin and her broadcast team including Vedius, Medic and Quickshot along with producers and some Riot Games employees.

After gaining traction on social media such as Twitter, the outcry against partnering with a company that goes against the values that LEC and its followers stand by, lead to a followup announcement today on the 30th of July that announced a cancellation of the partnership between NEOM and LEC in a statement made by Alberto Guerrero, Director of Esports, EMEA, due to NEOM being a state-funded project that has anti-LGBT laws and reforms.

The employees as well as the community banded admirably for a cause and overcame this together. While some have pointed out to similar cases regarding other sponsors such as KitKat, a subsidy on Nestle who are involved in a fair share of incidents themselves, people felt it was taking it too far with the recent partnership with NEOM.

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