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Immortals Gaming Hold ₹1 Lakh Indian VALORANT Tournament

Official Press Release

Valorant has become one of the biggest games related to esports in India, it has grown it’s fan base and also the player base as most of the Counter Strike players are now showing interest in the similar First-person shooter game. House of Esports recognizing this have not wasted the opportunity to capitalize on such a huge chance to expand it even more by hosting a tournament in association with Immortals Gaming India offering a massive prize pool of 1,00,000₹!

Get a chance to play against the top teams and compete against them, by showing off your skills with your agents and strategically planning out your game plans with your team.

The tournament registration will be opened on the 5th of February and the matches will begin from the 11th and will go on till the 27th of Feb, 128 teams will be entered into the tournament and each match will be a Best of 1 up until the Quarter Finals. The Semi-finals and Finals will be a Best of 3 and if you were wondering how much it costs to enter the tournament then you’ll be happy to hear that the tournament is completely free to join!

“We plan on making this tournament in a way for many teams to emerge and make a name for themselves by showing off their skills at a competitive level and along with this we also believe this will blow up the Valorant scenario even more than it already has in India”

Jitesh Kharat (CEO & Founder of Immortals India Gaming Enterprise)

About Immortals Gaming

Immortals India is an emerging esports organization with a team of gamers always working to make tournaments such as these as flawless as possible and accessible to everyone who wants a chance at enjoying esports or making something from it!

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