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Fnatic vs G2 Esports LEC Playoffs Result

Fnatic Defeat G2 Esports For the first time in League of Legends LEC 2020

One of Europe’s long term rivalries in G2 Esports vs Fnatic, they faced each other in Playoffs Round 2 of LEC Summer. Fnatic were 0-7 against G2 in 2020, they never won a single game all year as they face G2 for the 8th time this year. G2 were also on a winning streak after a poor start to their regular LEC season. The stakes for these games are the seeding for League of Legends Worlds 2020 since being the top seed means they avoid playing the best teams from other regions. It is also for bragging rights and to be crowned as the winner of LEC. To do that the winner of this G2 vs Fnatic game will go to the finals as the loser moves on to the semifinals where they await the winner of Rogue vs Mad Lions as Mad Lions ended Schalke 04 Esports’ miracle run yesterday. The following is a match summary of G2 Esports vs Fnatic as Fnatic defeat G2 Esports in the LEC Summer Playoffs 2020!

Game 1 of G2 Esports Vs Fnatic:

Game 1 Scorecard:

Although Fnatic has lost 7 times to G2 this year, let it be known that nobody beats Fnatic 8 times in a row as Fnatic drafted Rengar and Hecarim for an explosive duo of champions that are almost impossible to counter when they pull ahead and that’s exactly what they did as they were 8 kills and 8k gold ahead of G2 by 26 minutes. They also picked up a Baron and their following siege proved too much for G2 to happen since Fnatic’s Selfmade on the Hecarim decimated G2 as they finally beat G2 when it mattered the most even though it’s just game 1 in a best of 5 series, Fnatic would have felt good to get one on the board.

Score: Fnatic 1-0 G2 Esports

Game 2

Game 2 Scorecard:

G2 Esports were left wanting in game 1 but they draft Wunder the Jayce and put Jankos on a comfort pick with which he was very successful in the regular season to gain an early advantage by securing all the drakes consecutively and the Infernal Soul, they were also ahead in kills with 15-5 in their favour. Fnatic facing a mountain to overcome were unable to respond to G2 even with Shen and his global ultimate. G2 finish the game after securing the Baron and an ace in Fnatic’s base to take this series to level terms.

Score: G2 Esports 1-1 Fnatic

Game 3

Game 3 Scorecard:

With the series all tied up, this 3rd game was a crucial step towards securing finals and G2 started off very strong with Caps at his best on Azir racking up kills and assists with his ultimate Shurima Shuffle, they looked to be in firm control with a 4k gold lead. But during the siege at the bottom inhibitor around the 20th-minute mark, G2 overstay their welcome after taking Fnatic’s inhibitor and end up getting wiped and handing over the Baron and Ocean Drake to Fnatic as G2 were on Ocean Soul point after racking up the first 3 drakes. Now Fnatic with level leads on Selfmade’s Hecarim continued to dominate as Selfmade was left unmatched as Fnatic won some of the ensuing skirmishes in the mid lane close to G2’s base as they weren’t able to leave their base. At around 30th minute Nemesis on Orianna solo kills Wunder on the Gangplank and Fnatic corner G2 to secure and ace in G2’s base and the game. Fnatic came back from an exceedingly dire situation with G2 on 3 drakes and an inhibitor to be 1 win away from the summer finals.

Score: Fnatic 2-1 G2 Esports

Game 4

Game 4 Scorecard:

Similar to game 3, G2 start off strong and this time its Caps on Leblanc picking up kill after kill and with Nemesis on Kassadin, a champion that needs to hit level 16 to be really relevant, G2 waste no time getting ahead and it’s 13-3 in favour of G2 Esports by 22nd minute with them cracking open the top lane inhibitor at around minute 19, accumulate a gigantic lead and this time they do not throw it away. Fnatic’s top-laner Bwipo was starved off of minions and resources and fell really far behind to exert any sort of side lane pressure. G2 swat Fnatic aside in 25 minutes to force silver scrapes and a game number 5 in this LEC Summer Split Playoff’s best of 5 between G2 Esports and Fnatic.

Score: G2 Esports 2-2 Fnatic

Game 5

Game 5 Scorecard:

With picks and bans locked in, Caps goes back to Leblanc and Perkz also defaults back to Ashe with the same botlane matchup in the Senna picked up by Rekkles who pairs it up with Hylissang’s Thresh. Caps forced an early flash from Nemesis putting the Lucian at a disadvantage early in the game and is forced to play defensively as Caps is unlocked to roam around to influence the other lanes. Bwipo on the Gangplank has produced some amazing performance before and had accrued an early CS lead over Wunder’s Ornn. Jankos with a gank on the mid lane secures a kill on Nemesis with the help of Caps, all they needed was a facebreaker from Sett into Leblanc’s chains which meant certain death for the Lucian without his flash. The game remained close with a kill going over to Selfmade’s Gragas in the bot lane and this G2 vs Fnatic game remained on a knives’ edge with a slight advantage to Fnatic as they secured the first drake. At 12 minutes into the game, Rekkles has a 20 CS lead over Perkz but it was balanced out by the solo laners winning their respective lanes. A skirmish in the jungle saw both teams exchange kills and a beautiful play from Hylissang lead to picking off Caps who was fishing for a kill on the Senna. Immediately after a fight ensued in the top lane as Bwipo got caught out but his team turned back onto G2 and yet again both teams come off with kills. And what can I say, right after they respawned they fought over the ocean drake in an intense back and forth but it ends up in favour of Fnatic as Selfmade with a beautiful steal on the Gragas after the Ornn was killed. This was the game 5 that fans yearned for as rightly said so by the play by play caster, Quickshot. Hylissang playing out of his mind, lands another hook onto caps as Selfmade gets the kill with Gragas’s ultimate. After a few minutes of farming, a huge fight breaks out at the Ocean Dragon, and Bwipo flashes in to look for a kill on Caps but his team quickly rotate to cover for him and corner G2 Esports around the bottom lane as Gragas tosses his cask to push G2 further away from their base. G2 did pick up their third drake but as Fnatic marched to close out the game, Jankos sacrifices his life to clear out the minions to prevent Fnatic from closing out the game. Nonetheless, Fnatic secured the Baron but fail to make anything out of it as G2 engage them and secure two kills despite trailing by 7k gold. G2 then give up the third Ocean Drake which put both teams on 3 drakes apiece. In case you are wondering why game 5 has commanded such detailed reporting, its because the match is so close that every decision has a massive influence on the outcome. Caps with a massive play in the midlane picks up 2 kills and they march forward to end the game and secured both the nexus turrets. Caps tried to backdoor but was found by Nemesis who solo kills Caps and meanwhile Jankos dies at the Ocean Drake as both teams were vying for the Ocean Soul. With two huge picks, Fnatic marched ahead to close out the game while Perkz headed towards Fnatic’s open base and we had a base race on our hands, except Nemesis on the Lucian was waiting and he stops Perkz by solo killing him as well and Fnatic end the game! For the first time in 875 days, Fnatic beat G2 Esports in a bo5.

G2 Esports vs Fnatic League of Legends LEC Summer Split Playoffs Result: Fnatic 3-2 G2 Esports!

Fnatic move on to the finals of LEC while G2 await to play the winners of Mad Lions vs Rogue after a hard fought series.

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