Venue of 2020 League of Legends World Championship
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China To Host League of Legends Worlds 2020

Riot Games is going through with its 2020 World Championship for League of Legends, in spite of wellbeing worries due to the continual COVID-19 pandemic. The worldwide wellbeing emergency has influenced the pc game industry to postpone many games and events. Nonetheless, apparently Riot Games won’t permit the coronavirus to influence its arrangements for League of Legends’ Worlds 2020. Riot Games said that Worlds 2020 is going to be held only in Shanghai from 25th of September to October 31, and will be the debut occasion at the new Pudong Soccer Stadium in China. The highest skilled league of legends esports teams from territorial leagues all over the planet will contend with others in the competition to be crowned as the League of Legends Season 10 World Champions. Worlds 2020 is able to be facilitated in a very solitary condition similar to sports bubbles in which the NBA and the English Premier League resumed. Confined to one city to minimize travel and for the safety of staff, casters, broadcaster, pro players from all over the world. Riot Games said that it’ll follow security rules to confirm COVID tests for the players who will head to the occasion. Riot Games didn’t share the actual plans of what it’ll execute at World 2020 but have promised to deliver innovative content. This announcement did come with few fans questioning about the ethics of China after the recent controversy that lead LEC to cancel its partnership with NEOM due to ethical issues raised by Riot employees and fans alike. Nevertheless, keeping controversies aside, it is a ray of hope of normalcy that this announcement brings and is a much-welcomed distraction from the perils of the world.

In contrast, Epic Games dropped this year’s Fortnite tournament due to the pandemic, ruling against holding the competition in an online format configuration like numerous esports tournaments have done to combat the effects of the pandemic. The CEO of Riot Games Nicolo Laurent also announced in a video that League of Legends’ World Championship will adhere to its cultural obligation to the host nation and hence will fulfil to its full multi-city visit of China in 2021 with Season 11 Worlds also being held in China. At the same time, they moved the tournament in North America to 2022.

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