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Apple iPhone Users May Lose Pubg Mobile

With the ongoing battle between Epic Games and Apple Inc, Numerous games on the iOS App Store could be removed or lose support with the latest development in the ongoing feud. The “war” between these two companies started when Epic Games tried to circumvent the iOS App Store payment gateway through which all applications are to conduct transactions with Apple getting a 30% share from the total just for providing a payment portal. Epic Games took Apple to court after Fortnite was removed from the App Store a few days ago. Now Apple plan on removing all connection to Epic Games and this not only includes Epic Games’ applications but also developer tools like Unreal Engine based on which innumerable games on App Store is built. Unreal Engine is the basis for many indie games on mobile and is one of the most widely used developer tool apart from other game designing engines like Unity.

Apple’s decision can cost the livelihood of many developers and game studios that primarily make mobile games. One of the most popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also known as Pubg Mobile, is built on Unreal Engine and could be forced to be removed if UE is blacklisted by Apple. You may have noticed that when you login, if not keep an eye out for it the next time.

With Pubg Mobile being one of the most widely played mobile games in India, thousands of gamers who play Pubg Mobile on iOS will be left stranded. Another worrying aspect is for the pro players that use an iPhone to compete in Pubg Mobile Esports.

Epic Games is seeking a court order to stop Apple from executing their decision and what direction this story will take is unknown but we will continue to update our readers as new information is made available!

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